i'm sure you could list these off with your eyes closed but here we go:
  • no godmodding
  • no ic/ooc line crossing
  • no plagarism
  • no bullying or harrassment
  • triggering and nsfw content should be labeled and placed behind a cut


when applying you need to have a basic grasp of your character and demonstrate it by providing:
  • a basic bio or several detailed facts
  • an ic contact and an ooc contact that are backdated
  • an image of the comic book character
  • a pb that is easily found via a google search and is within five years of the character's "age"
  • a username that is ic or ooc and relevant to the comic book character or their alias which also has no underscores or numbers
  • examples of your best writing left in the dropbox (please do not pm)


activity can be demonstrated in a variety of ways:
  • scenes, public or private as long as the mod is added to the custom (5+ replies)
  • commenting introductions and posts on the fpage (5+ replies)
  • posting narratives, social media posts, lyrics, playlists, coded entries, first person journal entries, etc.
  • anything that shows that you are active and not simply role hogging, this means not leaving it until the last minute to be active
  • unfortunately, chat related activity (such as discord chats) cannot be counted as activity

activity guidelines
  • activity should be dropped off in the form of links to this post with your character's name in the subject
  • activity checks are performed at the end of each month, but you must be able to demonstrate activity throughout the month, any period of more than two weeks without activity will subject a character to removal
  • an introduction should be posted within 72 hours of acceptance and comments replied to within the week after posting
  • friends lists cannot be more than two weeks out of date

extensions and hiatuses
  • extensions can be granted on a case by case basis and should not be abused
  • hiatuses are granted for up to four weeks and may be requested once in a rolling three month period. a hiatus is granted under the assumption that there will be no signs of activity, if activity is seen a hiatus is subject to cancel


plot guidelines
  • the meteor rocks will be able to explain a lot of what seems untenable in this world. they are responsible for the merging of comic book characters with a like-minded consciousness and along with giving flexibility with appearances will affect everyone in some way. those who are non-powered may experience powers, those who are powered may experience powerlessness. anything is possible here
  • factions and organizations that are canon in the comics will not exist in this world and must be rebuilt and organized again from the ground up
  • places like the daily planet and the x-mansion can be rebuilt in other places, but locations like atlantis and knowhere are lost until such time as plot allows
  • very powerful characters (i.e. thanos, dark phoenix, etc) are unavailable for play at this time, although this may change in the future
  • an original character and comic book character will merge into one and essentially share a body thanks to the magic of the meteor shower
  • all characters will merge with their new body with all their skills and abilities intact, whether or not they know how to use them at first is up to the player
  • when new characters come into the game, it will be assumed it just took them a little longer to wake up after the transferance of their consciousness, and if a character leaves and is replaced by a new version, it will be understood as a result of the meteors that their consciousness was transferred to a new body

appearance guidelines
  • characters who are not humanoid or who have characteristics that are atypical of humans will be able to transform at will once they figure out how, much like a werewolf would be able to change from human to wolf
  • pbs do not need to look like comic book counterparts because they are being dumped into random bodies, however their consciousness will be attracted to like-minded consciousnesses. this means we will allow racebending in favor of people of color, but a person of color will not be allowed to be played white.

misc guidelines
  • the character limit is 5, but there will be no policing of this policy. inactive characters are subject to removal. if this becomes a problem we will reevaluate it at a later date
  • there will also be no policing of the relationships between multiple characters played by the same player. if they are closely related and you feel comfortable playing with yourself, by all means go for it. if this becomes a problem we will reevaluate it at a later date
  • there is no limit on pb changes as long as it doesn't get out of hand
  • characters may be pulled from marvel, dc, valiant, or darkhorse, but must be or be associated with superheroes (sorry, no walking dead) and may also be based off their tv/movie versions if you like
  • you may change your comic book character, but it will require that you go through the application process again
  • there is also no limit to username changes as long as it doesn't get out of hand
  • a discord server is available for chatting ic and ooc, the link will be in the member's area
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